Mexican Laws back us up 

Escrow services in Mexico are backed by the robust framework of the Mexican legal system.

We will enumerate the specific laws and regulations that serve to safeguard the escrow services we offer in Mexico.

Código de Comercio

Artículo 78

In commercial agreements, each party is bound in the manner and terms it appears that it wanted to be bound, without the validity of the commercial act depending on the observance of certain formalities or requirements.

Artículo 1832

Joint and several liability of the operator for use of the vessel without consent

The operator of an aircraft shall be jointly and severally liable with anyone who uses it without his consent, unless he proves that he has taken adequate measures to prevent such use. However, such operator may invoke the limits of liability.

Commercial Acts and Commercial Contracts in General

Article 75.- The law considers acts of commerce:

Paragraph amended DOF 31-08-1934, 06-06-2006.

II.- Purchases and sales of real estate, when made for the purpose of commercial speculation;


III.- Purchases and sales of portions, shares and obligations of mercantile corporations;


XII.- Commercial commission operations;


XIII.- Operations of mediation of mercantile business;


XVII.- Deposits for commercial purposes;


XVIII.- Deposits in general warehouses and all operations made on certificates of deposit and pledge bonds issued by the same;