At Grupo Inmtec, we are proud to have 25 years of experience in the sector, providing comprehensive solutions to our clients. As part of our wide range of services, we offer escrow services, a key tool to guarantee confidence and security in financial transactions.

How did the escrow service come about and what is the need for it? When it comes to commercial or real estate transactions, both buyers and sellers are looking for a secure and transparent framework to make payments and conclude deals. This is where the escrow service plays a fundamental role.

The escrow service acts as a neutral and trusted intermediary between the parties involved in a transaction. When a buyer and seller agree on the terms and conditions of a sale, the escrow service is responsible for receiving the buyer’s funds and holding them securely until all agreed conditions are met. Once these conditions are met, the funds are released to the seller as agreed.


Inmtec group ESCROW SERVICES are the cornerstone of our excellence, providing confidence and security in every transaction.

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